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Benefits of Manufacturer registration

When manufacturing windows and doors, you need more than unsubstantiated claims, you need impartial proof that they will perform as promised. That’s why the BFRC was founded: to give you the most trusted, simple and expert advice about energy efficiency.

Prove your products will perform as promised

The BFRC rainbow confirms your products have been independently verified by experts and you have been assessed to ensure products will perform as promised. This gives your customers the evidence they need to make the right choice for each home's energy performance requirements.


Become a BFRC Approved Manufacturer


Win new customers and increase loyalty

Energy efficiency is invisible. If homeowners can't see the performance of your windows or doors, how will your customers prefer yours? Customers can see what windows or doors look like but not how they'll perform. That’s why it's crucial to offer BFRC-rated products and give energy efficiency advice. Installers are required to demonstrate how the installed product meets regulatory requirements. BFRC ratings provide a simple route for your installers to satisfy these obligations and give themselves a marketing advantage.

Access to building physics and fenestration experts

BFRC supports the whole supply chain with up to date information on energy efficiency and has experts on hand to support and advise.


Become a BFRC Approved Manufacturer

News & Advice

  • BFRC asks: Do your sealed units comply?

    May 3, 2019, 11:10 AM by BFRC
    BFRC licence holders are reminded that suppliers of their sealed units have a legal obligation to comply with BS EN 1279 Glass in Buildings: Insulating Glass Units.
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  • BFRC warns about misleading marketing

    May 3, 2019, 11:08 AM by BFRC
    Trade and consumer advertisements have been appearing featuring the claim ‘A-rated glass as standard’ or similar. This is incorrect because – as BFRC registered companies will know - there is no such thing as ‘A-rated glass.’
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All BFRC registered manufacturers are periodically checked to ensure they comply with BFRC rules. The main purpose of the checking process is to establish that the windows and doors you manufacture are the same as those registered with BFRC. Please contact us for further information.
A Simplified Energy Label covers multiple specifications of a given window or door system. They are chosen by a number of BFRC System Houses and Manufacturers because they are simple and flexible to use.

A Detailed Energy Label covers one specific combination of window or door components and demonstrates the energy index. They are a popular choice for high energy performing products.
As a BFRC manufacturer your customers can register with BFRC as a BFRC Approved Installer for their own energy rating labels. They will receive all the same great benefits and if they are FENSA registered this can be provided free of charge!

BFRC labels can help your customers differentiate their products from competition and can be used to demonstrate compliance to ADL1B building regulations.