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Benefits of Installer registration

Energy Ratings

Get a competitive advantage

Energy efficiency is invisible. If homeowners can't see the performance of your windows or doors, how will they prefer yours? When homeowners choose windows and doors for their home, they can see how they'll look but not how they'll perform. That’s why it's crucial to offer BFRC rated products and advise homeowners about energy efficiency. So that when your customers' homes are warm and cosy, they'll reward you with referrals.

Many installers still use discounting to win work. This is despite homeowners preferring installers who offer advice to those pushing price. Use BFRC rainbow ratings to show simply that an A-rating is better than a B-rating.

How BFRC rainbow ratings work

Advise customers to fit more energy efficient products

When trying to win new business, homeowners prefer being advised that to feel they're being sold to. Using BFRC ratings to give customers the evidence they need to make the right choice of windows and doors for their home's energy performance requirements, gives them confidence to appoint you as their installer.


Become a BFRC Approved Installer




Comply with Building Regulations

Building regulations stipulate that replacement windows must be rated C or above and doors E or higher, except in historic properties and conservation areas. FENSA installers can have BFRC ratings free of charge when their frame supplier is BFRC registered and has the appropriate documentation. BFRC ratings do much more than comply with building regulations, they help your customers choose the right energy performance to make their home more comfortable to live in.

Proof of performance certificate

Provide homeowners with BFRC energy performance certificates that confirm the rating details of the window products installed. A certificate can be ordered when registered your installations with FENSA.


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Homeowner Cert Template

Piggyback on your manufacturer's ratings

If you are a BFRC Approved Installer, you can have your company name on your manufacturer's BFRC ratings. Win the confidence of homeowners by going beyond a good installation and giving them proof you fit energy efficient windows.

Make the most of selling BFRC rated windows and doors. FENSA approved installers can use BFRC for free*. As well as having your own ratings you receive free technical advice and marketing support including van stickers, homeowner leaflets and press release templates.


Become a BFRC Approved Installer


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Having your windows and doors independently verified by BFRC provides proof of performance to your customers. Energy ratings is an easy way to demonstrate compliance to ADL1B building regulations.

Remember energy efficiency is invisible. BFRC energy labels help your customers choose the right windows and doors to make their home more comfortable to live in. Homeowners have confidence in BFRC's labels and help you differentiate your products from your competitors.
Yes, in some instances this is possible, however for you to use your suppliers label you must be purchasing a fully glazed/complete product. If taking this route you will NOT be BFRC registered but instead be purchasing a BFRC rated product from a registered manufacturer. This means you can only use the manufacturers label providing they give you authorisation. You may have to explain this situation to your customer.

In most instances installers choose to have their own energy rating as it gives them the opportunity to source glass separately from the frames and have the energy rating label with their own name, making it easy for their customers to understand.