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Registered Suppliers of BFRC rated Energy Efficient windows & doors can access support and information.


The Door is now Open for Energy Efficient Door Ratings

DoorPedestrian Energy Efficient Doors

All kinds of external pedestrian doors – solid doors, partially glazed doors and fully glazed doors – are included in the scheme. The simulations for the BFRC DSER Scheme allow every style to be included whether they are constructed of PVC-U, aluminium, timber or are a composite type door. They are rated ‘A’ to ‘G’.

Solar gain is not included in the rating process for external pedestrian doors, however, air leakage rates are taken into account. An ‘E’ rating is indicative of a U value of 1.8 as allowed for in the current Part L buildings regulations. An ‘A’ rating will reflect the standard of the best performing doors currently available.

Table – BFRC DSER band cut-offs using door energy index numbers

BFRC DSER band cut-offs using door energy index numbers

Glass Energy Efficient Doors

The most common types of fully glazed doors, with a glazed area of 60% or more - French, folding and sliding – are included in the scheme and are rated on the scale ‘A’ to ‘G’, though most product will achieve a ‘C’ rating or above. The higher bands for these glazed products better reflect the inclusion of solar gain into the DSER calculation as required by the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) 2009.

In fact, the DSER for glazed doors follows exactly the rating formula that currently pertains to BFRC Window Energy Ratings.

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