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Registered Suppliers of BFRC rated Energy Efficient windows & doors can access support and information.


Benefits of Selling BFRC Rated Windows and Doors

What’s in it for me?

  • Enhance your Credibility – Use the BFRC brand and energy rating to set yourself apart.
  • Differentiate your Products from Price Based Competition – Prove the energy performance of your products to get a competitive edge.
  • Simple Sales Tool – Equip your business with easily understood and recognised Energy Ratings to get a competitive advantage.
  • Increase Customer Loyalty – Your FENSA registered customers can receive a free energy rating support package.
  • Win New Business – Join our exclusive list of authorised Manufacturers that can supply FENSA energy ratings.
  • Access to Unrivalled Technical Support – Use BFRC’s technical helpline for answers to energy performance questions.
  • Compliance – BFRC energy ratings can be used to comply with building regulations. 


  • Market Leader – We are the premier UK authority for independently verified ratings of energy efficient windows and doors.
  • Largest Scheme – We work with the industry’s leading System Houses, Manufacturers and Installation companies.
  • Independently Verified Energy Ratings – Our trusted independent verification proves the energy performance of windows and doors.
  • BFRC’s Technical Expertise – Our scheme is the most advanced - internationally renowned and adopted worldwide.
  • Simple & Flexible Options for the Whole Supply Chain – We have thousands of System House products tested and verified - readily available for Manufacturers!
  • Exclusive FENSA Energy Ratings – Attract new business and encourage your customers to upsell - there are always installers looking for new suppliers!

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