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Registered Suppliers of BFRC rated Energy Efficient windows & doors can access support and information.


Independently Verified Energy Ratings Cost Less Than You Think

BFRC is the premier UK authority for the independent verification of energy efficient window and door ratings. BFRC uses the well-known and well-respected 'A++' to 'E' energy efficient labels - similar to those found on fridges, freezers and washing machines.

We offer a range of licences to suit your business requirements.

Detailed Energy Ratings

  • Covers one specific combination of components.
  • Demonstrate the energy index of your high energy performing products.

BFRC detailed energy ratings label

Simplified Energy Ratings

  • Simple & flexible.
  • Covers multiple specifications for a given system.
  • Used by 99% of BFRC System Houses!

BFRC Window Simplified Energy Label

Homeowners recognise these rainbow coloured labels and understand what the ratings denote. 

Using the BFRC labels, and being part of BFRC's stringent regime of measurement and inspection, can be a useful marketing tool, setting your products apart from competitors. They can also give reassurance to homeowners.

Homeowners can search for your products and/or their local BFRC Authorised Installer using our Find a Supplier search

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